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NEWS currently available wines: VETLUNA RISERVA 2017 VETLUNA CABERNET 2018 e 2019 VETLUNA CAMPO ETRUSCO 2020 VETLUNA BURIANA-Passito 2011 *** October 2023 best grapes in quality and quantity. It will be a great vintage, the 2023 !!! ***

here the film - impression of the harvest 2015

*** June 2018 every day it's raining, the peronospora fungus infected the plants and most of grapes are just destroyed. *** October... all the new wines are in best conditions. The Cabernet is dry (1,2 g suggar and has an alcohol by vol of 17,0 %) *** September 2017 the vintage was very early this year. Already on the 30th of august we started with Cabernet-Grapes. Because of the very hot and dry summer we have found a lot of raisins. So we have picked effectively only 25% of the normal quantity. August 2017... great dryness, the plants suffer.

here the new film - impression of the harvest 2015

November 2016... Veronelli Wine guide 2017: three stars for the MONTEREGIO RISERVA 2013 november 2015... Veronelli Wine-guide: three stars for the VETLUNA Riserva 2012 and three stars for the VETLUNA Cabernet 2012. September 2015... best harvest!!! Only the tignola has made problems, because we haven't used any insecticids. A careful selection was necessary but the major part was very healthy. August 15th 2015... the first rain since eight weeks and each day up to 40 degrees. The plants had been very stressed! July 2014 ... 12 rain days in July, which is a weather for fungi and not for wine. yet the vines and grapes of VETLUNA are still healthy. Thanks to the care of the agronomists Antonio and Maurizio. Winter 13/14... it rains and rains ... floods several times but the vine stocks are doing well and prepared for the spring. november 2013... Veronelli Wine-guide: three stars for the VETLUNA Riserva 2010 September 2013... low harvest - best quality October 2012 ... the VETLUNA 2012 developed excellently - still a bit raw, but with a great potential. September 2012 ... just in time for the 2nd September, when we wanted to begin to harvest, it started to rain in the Maremma. There even was a strong thunderstorm with 50 liters of rain per square meter. The grapes have not suffered, fortunately, on the contrary! Finally from the 6th to 12th September we picked very beautiful healthy grapes. Less than hoped; but it s quality not quantity that counts for VETLUNA. We have bottled our wines in February 2012, including the lively Monteregio Riserva 2009 and the excellently matured Cabernet 2009. --- NOW YOU CAN BUY!!!